Cherevan, Tetiana

Tetiana Cherevan is a Ukrainian artist.

Born in Cherkasy, Ukraine. She is a graduate of the Cherkasy Arts College and Cherkasy National University, and lives and works in Ukraine and Thailand. In her art Tetiana explores the boundaries of the human body, sexuality, and taboos. Drawing inspiration from eastern traditions and the glorification of sexuality in Japanese and Thai culture, she studies the traditional attitudes of Ukrainians to sexuality, and especially prohibitions and restrictions that existed in Ukraine throughout the Soviet era.

Artist's statement: My work spans graphic design, painting, and sculpture, exploring the theme of sexual orientation in the context of Soviet-era suppression in Ukraine. Central to my art are female figures, representing life and faith, and reflecting the multifaceted roles of women in society. Through their portrayal, I aim to evoke deeper connections and aesthetic perceptions, revealing their dreams and struggles.