The Ellen and Leonard Milberg Gallery

At Princeton University Library, we enrich teaching, learning, and research by providing world-class library services and collections. Our collections showcase the ideas and discoveries of five millennia and represent the highest forms of human achievement.

Stewardship of our rare and often invaluable items requires a commitment to conservation work, climate-controlled storage environments, and retrieval and special handling processes. While protecting items for future generations is vital, we are also committed to ensuring that today’s scholars have both physical and virtual access to our collections to support their research.

The Ellen and Leonard Milberg Gallery, which opened in Spring 2019, provides a state-of-the-art facilities where we are able to share these seldom seen treasures with a wider audience.

We invite you to explore the Gutenberg & After: Europe’s First Printers 1450–1470 online exhibition at where you will find images of the exhibition objects as well as detailed descriptions.

Gutenberg & After: Europe's First Printers 1450-1470, the new exhibition in the Ellen and Leonard Milberg Gallery, tells the story of the two decades that transformed text production and distribution across Europe. Photo by Shelley Szwast