Before you Build

Curated exhibits and collections take several forms. They may be the primary point of discovery for an entire library collection or a subset of one; they may highlight special collections selected for a class or have a thematic focus on a specific subject, time period, or genre; others may serve as a component to a physical exhibit in a library or museum space. Whatever the case may be, your DPUL collection tells a story, and a great place to start is deciding what kind of story you are wanting to tell and to whom.

What's in a name?

The title of your exhibit plays a key role in how we draw content from our digital repository (Figgy) into your DPUL exhibit. Once you have decided on a title and selected the items in Figgy you wish to be in your exhibit, the approved title and items list are submitted to IT using the Collection and Image Request Template*. A collection is then created for you in Figgy along with a custom URL, and all requested items are tagged with your exhibit's name. Finally, an exhibit is created for you in DPUL and all items that have been tagged with your collection name will be made available to you in your new exhibit. You are now ready to start building!

*Are you wanting to build a DPUL exhibit with items that you would like to have digitized? Please see our Digital Projects & Best Practices page.

Having trouble signing in to Figgy or DPUL?

Please contact us if you are having problems accessing your DPUL site or signing in to Figgy.