Standard Widgets

Standard Widget Descriptions thanks to Stanford Libraries.

Heading: enables you to add headings to your page.

Text: enables you to add blocks of text, such as a paragraph.

List: available for when you want to present a bulleted list (i.e., an unordered list).

Quote: intended specifically for situations where you want to show a quotation and the quotation attribution. Enter these separately in the widget and they are styled appropriately for you.

iFrame: not currently available in DPUL.

Video: embeds a video from an external website within the exhibit page.

Embed + Text: not currently available in DPUL.

Horizontal Rule: inserts a horizontal line to separate parts of the exhibit page.

Uploaded Item Row: displays up to 1-5 items manually uploaded by the exhibit creator (not added from the SDR) in a horizontal row. Optionally, you can add a heading and/or text to be displayed adjacent to the items.