Collaborators and Contributors

Latin Bible printed in Strasbourg by Heinrich Eggestein, 1468: initial letter illuminated by Ulrich Schreier, Austria

Exhibition content collaborators and contributors:

Anne Jarvis, Robert H. Taylor 1930 University Librarian

Stephen Ferguson, Acting Associate University Librarian for Rare Books and Special Collections (RBSC)

Contributing curators, librarians, and writers (alpha order):

Nicole Fabricand-Person (Japanese Art Specialist, Marquand Library for Art and Archaeology), Holly Hatheway (Head Librarian, Marquand Library for Art and Archaeology), Martin Heijdra (Director of the East Asian Library), Andrea Immel (Curator of the Cotsen Children’s Library), Daniel Linke (University Archivist and Curator of Public Policy Papers), Julie Mellby (Graphic Arts Librarian), Paul Needham (Scheide Librarian), Nicola Shilliam (Western Bibliographer, Marquand Library for Art and Archaeology), Don Skemer (Curator of Manuscripts), Alan Stahl (Curator of Numismatics), Gabriel Swift (Curator of Western Americana), Eric White (Curator of Rare Books), Kimberly Wishart (Chinese Art Specialist, Marquand Library for Art and Archaeology)

Brenna Campbell, Preservation Librarian

Esmé Cowles, Software Development Manager, and the Digital Repository and Discovery Services team

Kimberly Leaman, IT Project Manager

Jennifer Meyer, Curatorial Assistant, RBSC

Roel Muñoz, Library Digital Imaging Manager, and the Digital Imaging Studio team

Barbara Valenza, Library Communications Manager; graphic design

John Walako, Coordinator of Exhibition Services