The Graphic Arts Collection began in 1940, when Elmer Adler brought his collection of 8,000 books and 4,000 prints to Princeton for an experiment in the study and teaching of graphic arts. Today the collection holds closer to 60,000 prints, drawings, photographs, paintings, sculpture, and printed ephemera along with an international book collection specializing in fine press, artists’ books, and illustrated editions. [More] Research collections support the study of paper and papermaking, printing, printmaking, typography, and book design. A world-class reference collection holds over 600 volumes on all aspects of printing and print making. Daily images are posted at

Jean-Baptiste Colbert, Controleur general des Finances // [Jean-Baptiste Colbert, General Comptroller of Finance].
Daimyô yashiki no Kyôden // [Santô Kyôden at a Daimyô’s mansion].
Tom Thumb's folio, or, A new threepenny plaything, for little giants : to which is prefixed, an abstract of the life of Mr. Thumb, and an historical account of the wonderful deeds he performed : together with some anecdotes respecting Grumbo, the great giant
Tom Thumb's play-book , to teach children their letters as soon as they can speak. Being a new and pleasant method to allure little ones in the first principles of learning