Other JTS Geniza 1063 items

The Adler manuscript codices, among them some volumes of Genizah fragments, were asigned numbers in the Library's MS series, retaining their original Adler numbers as a "former shelfmark" with the prefix ENA. The bulk of the Genizah volumes were kept separately as the ENA Genizah collection, and their primary shelfmark is their ENA number. The loose leaves and fragments bound in the 1960s and 1970s were put into a new series (with the prefix ENA NS) consisting of ENA NS1-75. The final group, those conserved between 2014 and 2016, are cataloged as ENA NS76-85. Printed materials were not included in Adler's Catalog, and were acordingly not included in the ENA series. Subsequent to the sale of his collection, Adler was able to resume the purchasing of manuscipts; JTS purchased some of those items posthumously, incorporating them into its MS series, with secondary shelfmarks beginning ENA II, or A-S. Shelfmark: New York, The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary, MS, ENA and ENA NS numbers.