About Curators

Gilda Modjtahedi, Library Collections Specialist VI- Near Eastern Studies

Gilda Modjtahedi joined Princeton University Library in 2022, holding a Master’s Degree in Political Communication from the University at Albany, SUNY. Since 2023, she has been overseeing various library operations related to digital and special collections within the field of Near Eastern Studies, in addition to managing acquisitions and gifts for the Collections and Access Services Division.

Deborah Schlein, PhD, Near Eastern Studies Librarian

Deborah Schlein joined Princeton University Library as the Near Eastern Studies Librarian in 2020. She oversees one of the most significant collections of pre-modern and modern Near Eastern Studies materials in North America and works closely with faculty, researchers, and students whose research focuses on the Middle East, North Africa, and the broader Islamic world. Deborah’s own research focuses on the history of medicine and Arabic and Persian medical manuscripts in Mughal and colonial South Asia, topics on which she continues to write today.