Julian Scott Photographs for the 11th Census 165 items

This collection consists of 170 albumen photographic prints taken by Julian Scott from August 1890 to August 1891 with a No. 2 Kodak camera during the 11th United States Census, the first census in which Native Americans were counted at the same time as the general population rather than in a separate Indian Census. Locations include Oklahoma and settlements and pueblos in New Mexico and Arizona. Beyond images of Native Americans there are also images of frontiersmen and woman, frontier life, the census party and their camps, and images of United States Calvary men. Notable individuals photographed include General Alexander McDowell McCook, Commissioner of Indian Affairs Thomas Jefferson Morgan, Quanah Parker, and Thomas V. Keam. There is also an elicpsed view of Ben Wittick or Charles F. Lummis, photographers who also photographed the Walpi Snake Dance the same day as Scott.