Shāh Malang 10 items

According to the oral traditions of the Ismāʿīlīs of Badakhshan, Shāh Malang was one of the companions of Shāh Khāmūsh who accompanied him on his journey from Iran to Badakhshan. He is claimed as the ancestor of several of the lineages of Ismāʿīlī pīrs (religious leaders) of the Shughnan region of Badakhshan (Bobrinskoĭ). In contrast with Shāh Khāmūsh, the narratives concerning Shāh Malang within the region are much more sparse. According to some traditions he was the brother of Shāh Khāmūsh who assisted him in the overthrow of the fire-worshipping rulers of Shughnān and who assumed the rule over Shughnān after Shāh Khāmūsh departed for Khuttalān (Gross 171-72). His shrine is located in the village of Karanj in Afghan Badakhshan (Shakarmamadov 47).